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to Rewind your health

It Takes Two

A game plan and the execution of the plan is what I do best. Willpower in itself is not enough to rewind your health
to create lasting results and rewarding health benefits.


What is the Strategy?

- We talk about body scanning
- Your symptoms and general health

- Your goals

Here it's all about me offering you coaching support including:

- Grocery tour

- Examples on how to read labels and find the sneaky sugars in labels

- Pantry raids

- Helping you to remove and understand the additives in  food in your pantry and also not noting what to look for

- Meal planning and ideas with recipes


- Cooking classes to boost your confidence in rewinding you health

Free Discovery call WORTH $120

Take advantage of this free call, where I can assess and give you feedback on your health. 

wildfit plan

What is the Plan?

This is now all about you and what you need
to do to get the results you want:

- Full Body Scans 

- WILDFIT 90 Day Health Challenge

- Week by Week Coaching

- Gut Health

- Remedies + Tissue Salts

- Support Groups

- Facebook Community

Begin your weight loss journey with the smart, sustainable approach & promote a lifetime of good health.

What you will learn

The ultimate step-by-step guide to beating junk food cravings forever

  1. This approach will not only kick your addiction to candy, chips, or ice cream, but also replace them with healthy cravings for food that heals and nourishes.

  2. Why your “healthy food” is robbing you of your health and vitality. An alarming number of doctors, nutritionists and health food companies still recommend food that weakens and ages you before your time. You will find out what to blacklist on your next grocery trip. Everyone knows sugar
    is bad - but here’s what you haven’t been told about this supervillain.

  3. The key to resilient health and optimal weight at any age. 

  4. Warning: you’ll want to throw out half your pantry when you see this. Find out how to spot the invisible traps in grocery stores that leave you helplessly addicted to food that poisons you.

  5. How to break free from the dieting hamster wheel.
    Discover the nutritional secrets and the easy ways to apply them for extraordinary health, vitality and longevity.

And Much Much More

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