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Tired of being 

sick and tired!

A few years ago I wasn’t feeling well. I was not sleeping, had chronic fatigue, pneumonia and once sharp brain was foggy.

Lots of antibiotics didn’t seem to improve anything.

Are your suffering from these common symptoms too? 

I was on a search for alternative solutions and I found tools that helped me return to wellness.

I have spent the last couple of years training in professional health consultancy and becoming a certified Wildfit coach, and I now offers a range of wellness solutions through my business, Rewind-Health.Takeing a holistic approach, looking at underlying causes of ill health. My methods include DNZ hair analysis, remedies, food psychology, eating plans, gut health and coaching.

 NOW I am on a mission to help  



Next session

4th October


As a certified Wildfit coach, I also offers her clients the Wildfit program. Wildfit is well known in Canada and the US but fairly new to South Africa.


The 12-week program provides a personalised strategy and healthy eating plan (with vegetarian options) that incorporates food combining, elimination and healthy whole foods to help clean out the body.


While the eating plan isn’t focused on weight loss,
clients find they often lose excess weight during the process.

Coaching and food psychology are also incorporated to help participants improve self-esteem, kick bad habits and change the way they think about food.


There’s access to educational video content and group zoom calls where participants can ask questions and give and receive support. There are also recipes provided for everyday eating and for entertaining and advice on making the right food choices when eating out.

I am passionate about what I do and I get such pleasure from
seeing the positive changes in my clients.

 Food psychology & coaching. 

The DNA hair analysis gives indicators of deficiencies, diseases and pathogens are highlighted that can then be targeted with the
designed Wildfit 90 Day Challenge to improve the client’s health
and wellbeing.



 Check your immunity 



 Program for 3 Months 

Wildfit 90 Day Challenge 

Cost R1650.00 per person per month 


FREE DNA Hair Analysis before & after the program Valued R500

Discounted 2nd Person - R1500  
Valued  R5950

Happy Clients

Jacques Sassin

"After Felicity coached me through the WildFit Programme I made a personal choice that this way of nutrition was going to be the new norm for me and my family.

I am a South African that moved to New Zealand in December 2019 before Covid became a household name.

When I met up with Felicity for a reconnection I was dumbstruck. OMG she looked radiant, a decade younger, slimmer with beautiful skin. I had to know her secret before we even hugged hello.

She told me about her coaching program and the great results both her and her patients enjoyed.

At that stage I was feeling bloated, tired in the afternoons, drinking 5-6 coffees a day and dehydrated.


WildFit is a whole new paradigm of information, strategically and simply delivered that I believe is guaranteed to change your life to a Richer Life.

Superb, professional, knowledgable, supportive, fun, engaging, friendly coaching delivered by a people's person: Felicity Cherry!!

Sincerely your WildFit Enthusiast,

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